Animal Care Club

Animal Care Club Advisors: Cristen Alimario & Elise Herbon



The Animal Care club meets throughout the school year to learn about how we can show compassion, be advocates, be responsible, and help educate others about the well-being of all kinds of animals. We learn about animal rights issues like how to prevent animal cruelty.

Students will need a signed parent permission slip to attend after school meetings. Meetings are held based on speaker availability and activity involvement. Listen to morning announcements and sign up for our Remind app text messages about when meetings will be held.

This club was created to help empower students that have a passion for caring for animals.

Students will learn how to become the voice and advocate to help animals in all kinds of situations. We make posters, sell bracelets, and hold informational meetings about how we can make the world a better place for us and animals.

Officer Gysel Adoption 2
Adoption1 Puppy Mills